Project Details & Pricing

Your Story Is Just Waiting to be Told...

Storybook services start at $400. All storybook services include up to a 90 minute interview, the option for input from family and friends, audio transcribing the exact words of those being interviewed, the crafting of the story, integrating photos into the book design, and one round of revisions before the final version of the book is printed. An electronic copy of the book is also provided to the client to share. 

Physical copies of the book are available for purchase ranging from $15 to $50 - depending on hard or soft copy book selections. Additional copies can be purchased at any time.


Event Storybook

Looking for the perfect gift for someone in your life? Share your story to celebrate an engagement, wedding, anniversary, graduation, Mother's Day, and the list goes on.

The Life of Norris_edited.jpg

Life Storybook

Sometimes you want to focus in on certain life stages that were impactful or may not have been shared. These are some of the life stages people choose to focus on: childhood, young adult years, later adult years, and the big picture of life.

Many choose to create a book series to cover all the stages in their life.

The Big Joyful Life of Kim_edited_edited.jpg

Tribute Storybook

This is a wonderful way to remember someone you have loved and lost by collecting letters, memories, and other stories that honor this special person in your life. Tribute books are also a wonderful gift to gift someone to commemorate an accomplishment, such as a retirement, special birthday, or just to let them know how much the people in their life love them.

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Custom Storybook Project

Looking for something specific that doesn't quite fit in the other options listed? Let's talk! I can build a custom package to meet your unique needs. Full life memoir writing is available.