Storybook Samples

Examples and explanations of how your story could look.

Maureen is proud of every story she has been lucky enough to tell. The privacy of client stories is also very important to her. The stories below are shared with approval to give you a good idea of how your story could look visually. The content will be your own and the design is customized for every story told. More sample templates can be provided upon request.

The Life of Norris.png

It can seem like quite the undertaking to tell a life story spanning over a century. The key is to focus in on key moments, special stories, and to give a snapshot of who the person truly is. This is made possible by family testimonials and first hand interviews to capture the person's personality and voice.


This story captures the memories and events of a love story after the engagement, but before the wedding, as a gift from the bride to the groom on their wedding day.

This hard cover book is also being displayed at the wedding reception for guests to learn more about the couple's love story.