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Memoirs by Maureen

Life Storyteller, Maureen Klues

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Shared in Memory of Richard Elsenpeter

April 30, 1927 - July 10, 2024

Life storytelling was gifted to Richard, to memorialize his life, by his son, Richard (referred to in this book as "Rich," as his father called him).

This story captures Richard's full life story from his childhood to his journey to Hollywood in various acting troops, his many years of travel in tent shows, his long-time vocation as a puppeteer, and his wildly successful creation and ten years run of The Possum Holler Opry live television show.

Through it all, Richard credits his acting career, and his family, to his strong faith and belief that love conquers all. This story is told in his words, with contributions from his son, Rich.

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New Product!

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"I feel so deeply that ALL OF OUR STORIES MATTER. Being a human is wild. Life is hard and hilarious, and stories help us make sense of the chaos and contradictions built into life. There are as many stories to be told as there are humans here – each slant is a part of the whole."

-excerpt from my interview with Rebekah Taussig, author of Sitting Pretty, for the Quincy Public Library

Rebecca Taussig

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Bring Your Organization's Story to Life

In addition to life storytelling, Maureen also works with organizations to tell their story through compelling content that brings their organization's story to life.

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Why Tell Your Story?

Your story matters. Preserving your memories is a rewarding experience for you, and a wonderful gift to those you love. Pulling out old photos, accessing long ago stories in the recesses of your mind, and revisiting pivotal points in your life helps you see the big picture of life. Your purpose. The meaning of your life.

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Exceptional work! 5-STARS for sure! Maureen Klues did a beautiful job with my Dad's storybook for Cancer Crush! Thank You sooooo much for this forever treasured keepsake, Maureen!



Meet Maureen

Life Storyteller

My passion for a good story began as a child when I would escape into a pile of library books. This continued into my adulthood where I somehow or another gravitated to telling people's stories throughout my career path, from testimonials from those on hospice, to college alumni success stories, to chronicles of faith and perseverance. 

Now I have the honor to craft and complete life storybooks to be shared with families for generations. I can't wait to tell your story!

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What is the story you want to tell?

You might want to get your own life story down on paper, capture a loved one's memories, commemorate an anniversary, reflect on childhood, or pay tribute to someone you have loved and lost. Every story is unique and just waiting to be told.

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Why utilize this service?

It is possible to write your own story, but it can often feel overwhelming as to where to start. If you are wanting to capture your memories or a loved ones story, purchasing this service will ensure that this happens.

Maureen has developed a life storytelling system that is an easy step by step process to tell the story you want to tell. She asks you the right questions in your interview and then SHE crafts your story for you, utilizing your exact words. Maureen will put the story together and you will have a professionally written and designed book in a matter of weeks. 

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Storytelling Process

Determine Story Focus

The first step is determining the story you want to tell. Is it your story or a story you want a loved one to share? Is it an overview of a life, or zoning in on a particular phase of life? Once the focus is established, Maureen will develop the questions for the interview.

Conduct Interview

The interview with the main person(s) being featured is usually in person. Sometimes, if a collaboration, the interview questions are completed in written form. However the interview(s) are conducted, once they are completed, Maureen starts crafting your story.

Design Storybook

After the interview has taken place, Maureen will start designing your book. What do you do during this phase of the project? Gather photos! Send Maureen up to 25 photos to choose from to compliment your story.

Review Story

Once Maureen has written the story and you have provided the photos to integrate into the finished product, Maureen will send you a draft of the book to review and submit any requested changes.

Order Your Book!

Once you have approved the final design of your book, Maureen will order your book. You can order as many books as you would like, and family and friends have the opportunity to order books at any time. In addition, you will receive an electronic copy that can share and print.

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Popular Storybook Options

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Event Storybook

Looking for the perfect gift for someone in your life? Share your story to celebrate an engagement, wedding, anniversary, graduation, Mother's Day, and the list goes on.

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Quincy, IL

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Thanks for submitting!

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